Welcome to Penprints

As stated at the end of last week’s blog post, I have decided to change the name of this blog.

First of all, let it be known that I really struggle with keeping the same blog name for very long.

Second of all, be sure to load the pics in this email (you know who you are, email hermits) because there are stunning (stunning) visuals to go along with this momentous occasion.

Some of you may remember that when my blog began, I christened it Not All by My Lonesome. I think we can all agree that that was a weird, mouthful of a blog name. This is typically my reaction when I think back on the days of Not All by My Lonesome:

wut 1

So after a year of… that, I renamed the blog The Fox Hole because I’m mildly (okay not mildly, majorly) obsessed with foxes.

fox 2

Just look at this beauty!!! How can you not be obsessed????

(I plan to own my own fox one day. It shall be wonderful and glorious and I shall call it squishy and it will be my squishy.)


And so my blog has been The Fox Hole for over two years (yeah, this blog has been around three years; I try not to think about the early days of this blog… those were the Dark Days when I had no idea what I was doing, and those of you who weren’t around back then should be thankful that you weren’t around).

*ahem again*

The time has come, once again, to change the blog name, and this time, I think this is The One (yeah, sure I thought the same thing about the last two blog names, but I’m sure–as in positive, without a shadow of a doubt–that that won’t be the case this time… hehe, right?).


That’s right; I’m rechristening the ol’ blog Penprints.

So now onto the purpose of the post wait, what? Blog posts are supposed to have a purpose? I thought they were supposed to just be my meandering thoughts as they come to me… oops–why Penprints?

Now, I can hear some of you groaning and wailing, “Who even cares?” Others are crying out (*cough cough* I’m looking at you, Mom), “But The Fox Hole was such a cute name! And Penprints is… what does it even mean?”

To which I reply: “It’s unique and relates to writing. Sort of. Vaguely. In a roundabout, makes you think of pawprints and puppies, sort of way.”

And The Fox Hole has copyright stuffs–I could get a cease and desist order any time which would mean bye-bye meandering blog posts from Rosalie for all you lovely people (I know, we’d all be shedding some tears if that happened).

Also, check out this new header.

penprints 8

And another thing, since ya’ll go nuts all over social media talking about this blog (because you do, right? Right? RIGHT???), I have also taken the liberty of creating an official hashtag for Penprints. 

Get ready for it: #penprints (whoa. whoa. you did not see that coming. at all.).

#penprints 3


Why #penprints? Well, I wanted a hashtag for us all (haha, basically just me) to use on social media so that our discussion (because we’re gonna have lots of discussion, right? Right?? RIGHT??) can be easily tracked. And #penprints is the obvious choice because it’s the name of the blog. So, if any of you feel like sharing something from Penprints on any of your social medias, now you have #penprints to tag it with. :) (No, guys, I promise I’m not obsessed with this blog; like, what are you even talking about?)

There you have it.

Welcome to Penprints.

Now, you ask: “How do you feel about this new name, Rosalie?”

To which I reply:

pleased cat face

SO. What do you guys think? Penprints or The Fox Hole? And what do you think of the new header and such? Do you think blog renaming should be a thing? What are the names of your blogs?

P.S. – Guys. I used thirteen parenthetical statements in this blog post! That’s crazy!

P.P.S. – The next post you receive in your inbox will be from Penprints instead of The Fox Hole, just so you know. :)

P. P. P. S. – I just fired up a Facebook page; you should check it out because things are cool there.