The Day of Nevermore [a poem]

To be clear, I am not a poet.

I enjoy poetry and have tried many times to write poetry. It rarely works out, and I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s “worked out” in this case.

For instance, I don’t really know where the commas are supposed to go, so I stuck commas at the end of each line and periods at the end of each thought/stanza/thread.

Also, it’s not a traditional poem, but it’s also not a straight up free form poem. Sometimes it rhymes. Sometimes it doesn’t. Some parts are three lines, and others are nine or ten. That kind of bothers me. But it is what it is, and I’m done tweaking it.

Here I present: The Day of Nevermore.

the day of nevermore

I look to the Day of Nevermore,
And yearning swells within me,
Deep and rising to an outpour.

In bed I lie awake and think and ache,
For the day of Nevermore,
Is the last day of heartbreak.

Light will rise and darken nevermore,
Finally, I will see my Savior-Lord.

And every sorrow that sent the strong,
Weeping to the shower floor,
And every vice that gripped and gored,
And every lie that broke and bruised and tore,
And every note of strife and discord,
And every curse that burned to the core,
And every failure that cut like a sword,
And the grief that seemed the only loyal mentor,
And every shameful word and awful act of war,
And every loss the dark night had in store,
It will all be over forevermore,
Come the Day of Nevermore.

The Day of Nevermore,
It’s the first day of forevermore.

These words will be no more,
On that bright, bright Day of Nevermore:
Alone, afflicted, abused, accused
Bleeding, bruising, bitterness,
Blame, betrayal, brokenness,
Crushing, cruel,
Division, dejection, depression,
Distress, damage, disappointment,
Enmity, emptiness,
Failure, fault, frustrate, fear,
Grief, guilt,
Hate, hostility, harm,
Inferiority, inequity, injury,
Lament, loneliness, loathing, lacking,
Misery, marring, mauling,
Plague, peril, prejudice, poison,
Ruin, regret, rejection, revenge,
Slander, scorn, spite, sorrow, shame,
Tragedy, trouble, trial, torment,
Ugliness, uninvited, unworthy,
Vitriol, venom, vice, void,
Wounded, wretched, war,
All such words will meet their final end,
When God does as He intends.

Nevermore will nightmares invade our rest,
Nevermore will we crumble in the test,
Nevermore will doubt destroy peace,
Nevermore will weariness overtake,
Nevermore will pride divide,
Nevermore will shame overshadow,
Nevermore will fear bind and break,
Nevermore will grief overflow,
Nevermore will hope seem vain,
Nevermore will strength wither,
Nevermore will suffering reign.

It will be on the Day of Nevermore,
The mending of all that came before,
Perfection He will forever restore.

We won’t puzzle over what He’s doing anymore,
We’ll see it clearly on that Day of Nevermore,
And we’ll answer with a shout, a song, a roar,
And God Himself we will forever explore.

I look for the Day of Nevermore,
It will be the best day,
And every day after will be even better,

In the dark I lie awake,
I wait for the Nevermore daybreak.

Do you write poetry? Are you a traditional or free form poet?

With love,


p.s. if you want a piece of encouraging excellence, check out Dear Heartbreak by Heidi Melo. I love it so much I printed out and put it on my bedroom wall.

7 thoughts on “The Day of Nevermore [a poem]

  1. I’ve never thought if it as the Day of Nevermore but <3 it is indeed!
    I wrote a handful of poems years ago but haven't touched it since. But when I did, it was more traditional. I think I leaned toward iambic tetrameter (as I was reading a lot of Tolkien at the time & loved the Lays of Beleriand.


  2. For not being a poet, this has quite good! I love this! I used to write a ton of poetry, and sometimes still do. I do more traditional than free form, and don’t consider free form as real poetry (I’lll day its prose, but not poetry).


  3. “It will be on the Day of Nevermore,
    The mending of all that came before,
    Perfection He will forever restore.”

    I myself am terrible at poetry *shrugs* but this…this is good ;)


  4. I liked it Rosalie… it was lovely.

    I have written a few poems, and I like poetry, but I guess I’m not very skilled at it. With practice I believe I might be. Tolkien, just as sparksofember said, inspired me to also write poetry. The story of Beren and Luthien was put into poem form and it was amazing.


  5. “And the grief that seemed the only loyal mentor…”
    I. Love. This. Line.
    Months ago, my mentor-sister-in-Christ-friend took me for a mountain road drive after some difficult heartache and we were discussing my view on circumstances over the car radio indie music. As we both started seeing how I saw my hurts as failures to learn what God wanted me to, she began telling me I needed to consider God as MORE than just a teacher using pain to test me. He’s a FATHER. He’s IN IT WITH US, not just waiting for us to figure out what “the moral of the story” is, only to teach our fickle humanity the same lessons again and again through endless hurt. He is seeking intimacy with us and drawing us nearer to Forevermore with Him.
    Thank you for your spare words.
    And the timing of it is a Holy Spirit thang, fren. <3



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