An Introduction to My Latest Novel (the nanowrimo 2017 edition)

So I wrote a new novel last month. I’m pretty jazzed about it (it’s a major mess right now, but I’m ignoring the First Draft Disaster and basking in the satisfaction of it being well on its way to Wonderful).

Today I’m going to introduce you to it as much as I’m able. I’m going to be using some of the questions from the Beautiful Books link up put on by Cait and Sky.  Let’s get to it.

my latest novel feature image 1.jpg

~ What inspired the idea for your novel, and how long have you had the idea? ~

I don’t know even know what inspired the original bits for this novel. Over two years ago, I somehow (I have no remembrance how) ended up thinking about wolves and a medieval mage with a strong sense of justice who traveled between worlds.

And then a little over a year ago in my imagination wanderings, I came across a sassy creature who was worshiped as a god and in dire need of a humbling experience.

And then a few months ago, lightning struck my brain…

~ Describe what your novel is about! ~

I think this is the part where I’m supposed to give some sort of blurb.

Lol, that’s not gonna happen.

I cannot currently write an understandable blurb about this novel (I know, we’re all so despairing), but here’s the general gist: I plucked my world-tromping mage out of her travels, dropped her in the sassy so-called god’s world, and pitted them against each other. Thus, this novel was born.

~ Introduce us to each of your characters. ~

Adele is my mage. She’s… so amazing. The natives call her the Moon One for her pale skin, moon tattoos, and the crescent moon on the hilt of her sword (between you and me, the sword’s pretty amazing too). She travels to various worlds to set captives free and make truth known (aka: JUSTICE) in the name of her Lord. And sometimes she’s a wolf.

adele collage


Asha is my sassy creature who thinks he’s the god of fire and ardor (among other things). He’s the eldest of fourteen siblings, each with unique power which they refer to as their “birthrights”. Asha’s birthright is fire (hint: his power with fire is not limited to the everyday candle variety), and he’s been worshiped by the humans of his world as a god in the pantheon since he was born thirteen hundred years ago. Worship and bad parenting have made him quite the something-something who thinks quite a lot of himself.

asha collage 1


~ List three things about your novel’s setting. ~

1. The myrtle tree. There are many myrtle trees, but I’m talking about the myrtle tree have fun figuring out what that means. Lots of things go down at the ol’ myrtle tree. Most of the book occurs in a landscape similar to the near to mid-east of our world, hence myrtle trees among other pieces of beautiful near and mid-east landscapes. But this myrtle tree is a special one.

 2. A river that was bent to flow in a circle by one of Asha’s younger sisters (Gomti, the water goddess). (And, no, the river does not have a name; I’ll figure something out in the next draft.)

 3. The temple of Chanderkala. Chanderkala is the ruler of Asha’s family of gods (he also happens to be Asha’s father, but they have issues–father/son/firstborn problems), and his glittering temple sits in the heart of Chena, the holy city of the humans where they worship Asha and his various fellow so-called gods. Just like the myrtle tree, Chanderkala’s lavish temple is also the setting for many pivotal scenes.

~ What’s your character’s goal, and who (or what) stands in the way? ~

Asha’s goal is to become the ruler of the gods. His father (Chanderkala <—–that name though; it’s so over the top, just like Chanderkala himself) and Adele stand in Asha’s way.

More than anything, Adele wants to hear the voice of her Lord one more time, but she doesn’t know what’s in the way (spoiler alert: it’s herself, and later on, Asha).

~ What are your book’s themes? ~

– Spiritual dry season. Dealing with loneliness and silence. Remembering the truth you knew in the beginning. You are not meant to be alone, and you are not alone. –

– Owning weakness. Living alive. You are not the end all be all. Lose your life for His sake and save your soul.  –

Perhaps that’s too many themes, but those are the things that kept cropping up as I went through the characters and story. I guess we’ll see what it looks like after a few rounds of edits. You can read some of the verses at the heart of this story here, here, here, here, and here.

~ And is there a title? ~

Um, that would be a no. Back when they were two separate stories, Adele’s was called Howl and Asha’s was False Gods. Now that it’s become one story, neither title seems to fit, and I can’t come up with another one to save my life. For now, I refer to it as False Gods in all my notes and such, but that title is likely to change as soon as I can come up with a better one.

And that’s about all I’ve got.

What about you?? Did you write a novel for NaNoWriMo? What’s it about? For my non-writer friends, did you have any big projects you tackled in November??? Also, any title ideas for me?

With love,


P.S. – if you want to check out a really amazing novel that was written for NaNo this year, stop over by Katie Grace’s blog to see the info about her superhero novel (that is, if you haven’t seen it yet).

P.P.S. – have any of us really gotten over the cover for Fawkes? (No, no we have not.)

P.P.P.S. – tomorrow I start in on edits for Beasts. Send help.

P.P.P.P.S. – so this whole “p.s.” thing is getting a bit excessive, but I just want to publicly acknowledge that I used way too many parentheses in this post. Wait, actually, that’s impossible (mwahahahaha!).

21 thoughts on “An Introduction to My Latest Novel (the nanowrimo 2017 edition)

  1. I’ve heard enough. Want to read! Looking forward to hearing more about this story as it develops because it sounds amazing!

    I managed about 19,000 words for nanowrimo. I was slightly behind but doing fantastically and then we hit a family snag called our-first-ever-case-of-headlice. I now have deep wells of sympathy for other families who have gone through that – especially if they have multiple kids. I’ve got just one and dealing with the situation was a nightmare. I was starting to wonder if she’d ever get to go back to school again! (She attends a private school with a strict no-nits policy.) On the plus side, I finally understand where the expression “nit-picking” comes from… ;-)

    Anyway, up until “the incident,” I scribbled by hand and tried to write at least one scene per day, sometimes a chapter. I found it very freeing to just chug along and not worry about making sure things are perfect. To give vague descriptions and say, I’ll go back and add better descriptions later or, I’ll need to develop the secondary characters and side plots later, and just keep going. I’m hoping to resume now that things have settled a little and hopefully have my first rough draft done by Christmas.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Kat!! :) <3

      Oh no!!! I'm sorry to hear about the headlice! I got them once when I was little, and it was a seemingly never-ending nightmare of treatments and washing and rewashing all my clothes and bedding. Some people (who shall remain nameless) called me "Rosalie and Friends" for a while. :( I feel for you. BUT YOU ATTAINED VICTORY!! Huzzah!!

      That's fantastic progress on your novel!! Were you able to finish it by Christmas???

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Crescent of Fire. And yeah I did Nano. Wrote 30k something of a YTA/Christian/Contemporary/Romance novel. I’m interested in this one, so if you need betas I may be will depending on what a made is exactly. -Sincerely, Anna

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________


    • Crescent of Fire. O.O O.o O.O I think you might be a genius, Anna. :o

      Oh, cool!! What was your inspiration for your novel??

      Swanky!! I’ll add you to my list of possible betas and let you know when it’s close to being presentable. :)


    • Aw, thank you so much!! I so appreciate your enthusiasm! <3

      I'm still so jazzed for it, and I'm actually doing edits for April Camp NaNoWriMo (something I was not expecting to do), and I actually still like it a lot after rereading it yesterday instead of hating all the first draft messiness (the hating is what usually happens, so this is a nice change, haha).

      Thanks for stopping by!



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