When I Almost Died & What I Have to Say About It

On July 6, 2016,  I was in a car accident that could have killed or crippled me.

Honestly, it was completely stupid accident. I was driving down a straight country road in the middle of a summer evening. No ice. No animals. No other cars. No pedestrians. And yet I flipped an SUV twice.


I could have been killed. I could have lost an arm. I could have broken my neck. Or I could have broken my back, just like my dad did when he was my age. I could have been hit by the debris flying through the air as the explorer was rolling. I could be dead, but I’m not.

I walked away (literally) from that wreck with a scrape on my arm, a small rub-burn on my thigh, a small rub-burn on the top of my foot, and a very minor concussion. And none of my tiny injuries are even going to scar. The poor SUV is totaled, but me, I’m doing just fine.

Some people have said that I was lucky, that thank goodness I was wearing my seatbelt.

But no, I was not lucky, and my seatbelt did not save me.

God did that.

God made sure the explorer landed between two telephone poles instead of wrapped around one.

God kept me from hitting a tree when I over-corrected the first time.

God kept my neck from snapping.

God kept my seatbelt from breaking my collarbone or a couple ribs.

God kept my seatbelt from sawing through my carotid or jugular.

God kept the debris and broken glass from pelting me.

God made sure the explorer landed upright after its second roll.

God helped me unbuckle my seatbelt once the explorer stopped moving.

God helped me climb out of the window when the door wouldn’t open.

God helped me spot my phone lying fifteen feet away on the blacktop amidst the other debris that was strewn across the road.

God made sure my phone was functional with only a couple scratches after its tumble.

God steadied my shaking hands enough so that I could call my dad.

God brought a woman and her daughter from our church down that road to help me.

I am okay, unnaturally okay, and it is because of God. The only reason that I am still alive is because God decided to save me. People have said that God was good to me. “Oh my goodness, Rosalie, God was so good to you,” “Wow, Rosalie, God was good to you,” “God was so good to you, Rosalie.” And He was. And if I’d died, He would still be so good. And if I’d been paralyzed or lost a limb, He would still be so good.

Make no mistake, I am extremely thankful that He protected me as much as He did, but I think we get into a habit of saying He’s good when He does things that we think are good. God is good. Period.

I’ve done a lot of thinking and praying since my accident, since I could have, by all rights should have, died, and this is what I know for sure: I am alive because God still has work for me to complete. I have yet to accomplish the purpose He gave me. I am so unnaturally okay so that there can be no doubt that God was there and that He is sovereign.

To God alone be the glory that I am alive and so, so well.

Now, because you’ve always wanted life advice from some random girl on the internet, here are my thoughts for life after this:

~ Rest assured that you will not die before your time. You will live until you have accomplished God’s purpose for you.

~ Live every moment with intentionality.

~ Say what you’ve been too afraid to say; be bold. Tell those you love what they mean to you.

~ Enjoy life. Drink it in and praise God.

~ Know God now.

~ Invest heavily in your relationships—with your family, with your friends, with God. Someone once told me that there are two things that last for eternity: God and people.

~ Always remember that all glory belongs to God.

~ God is always good—when things are well and when the world is falling apart.

~ Give better hugs.

~ God has put breath in you for a reason; don’t squander your time away.

~ Chase God with your whole heart—life’s too short and He’s too incredible for half-measures.

~ Fear God and God alone.

~ Give more gifts.

~ Treasure your family.

~ For goodness sake, forgive. Don’t hold onto how people have wronged you. If you’ve been saved by grace, you’ve been forgiven and commanded to forgive. Don’t waste life being bitter and angry.

~ When all else fails, praise God.

~ Every heartbeat is a gift.

So I could have died, but I didn’t. The thought staggers me every time. I think I see God more now, and for that I’m thankful. He’s reminded me how to live, and I don’t want to ever forget.

What about you? How do you live?