21 Signs he isn’t The One (as seen in The Phantom of the Opera)

Romance is tough. Really tough.

There are so many twists and turns and confusing things in romance. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if the relationship is going through a rough patch or if it should end. Whatever stage of life you’re in—single, dating, engaged—this post is for you.

21 signs he isn't The One

Note: I recommend watching The Phantom of the Opera to get a better grasp on this post.

Here are 21 signs he isn’t The One (as seen in The Phantom of the Opera):

1. He has a two-way mirror in your room.

two way mirror edited 1

2. He sings songs in your head (not gonna lie, this might be a sign that there’s something wrong with both of you…).

3. He thinks he’s the boss of your boss(es).

bosses 2.jpg

4. He’s constantly hanging around your workplace (you can feel him watching you right now, can’t you?).

you can feel him watching you 1

5. He plays with dolls in a doll-house that looks remarkably similar to your workplace.

his dollhouse 2

6. He has a mannequin in a wedding dress that looks exactly like you (guys aren’t supposed to do the wedding planning, and mannequins are creepy).

mannequin 2

7. He’s a big fan of night and darkness and has something against the light of day (now, this can feel romantic, but unless he’s Batman, it’s a red flag).

8. He has a hideout in the basement of your workplace (I mean, yeah, it’s a pretty fantastic hideout, but that doesn’t make it okay).

phantom hideout 1

9. He tells you he’s an angel.

10. He also pretends to be the spirit of your dead father (what? This is a thing?).

angel father 2

11. He thinks that murder is a viable option for proving a point (ladies, this is no good, no matter how you slice it).

12. He’s obsessed with his music (it’s all, “my music, my music”).

my music my music 2

13. He takes getting you promoted at work very seriously and into his own hands (his favorite method is talking smack about your rival and trying to sabotage her).

rival 2

14. He throws a fit when people don’t listen to him (we’re all adults here, right? Right??).

chandelier 1

curse the day 1

15. He gets super jealous when you talk to other guys (possessiveness is cute when it comes to cookies, not relationships).

16. After you’ve broken up with him, he stalks you and your new boyfriend.

17. He crashes parties because he’s upset about your break-up.

you vs. him 2

18. He says the only reason your new boyfriend likes you is because of your voice (and he also only loves you because of your voice…).

because of your voice2.jpg

19. He steals the engagement ring your new boyfriend gives you and then uses it to propose to you later (I don’t know, maybe he just couldn’t afford his own ring, but still…).

20. He talks about waging war on you and your new boyfriend (and he’s not talking about Halo).


war 1.jpg

And now for the last one:

21. He tries to kill your new boyfriend. Twice.

tries to kill your new boyfriend 2

And there you have it, 21 sure-fire signs that you might want to send The Phantom your boyfriend on his way.

Has this list helped you figure out whether or not he’s The One? Do you think this was a fun post? A weird post? Both?

Comment with any signs that I missed!

p.s. – most of the pictures from The Phantom of the Opera were found on Google, but were altered by yours truly.

p.p.s. – this post was inspired by my good friend Chrys. We watched the movie together last time we were together, and then this happened.

15 thoughts on “21 Signs he isn’t The One (as seen in The Phantom of the Opera)

  1. I thought this was pretty funny and it made me want to watch it again. (Unbelievably, I’ve only seen Phantom once and I don’t recognize half the scenes above so either I missed half of it or I watch an odd edited version…)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laughing so hard right now. This made my morning. :) Now I feel the need to listen to the soundtrack again. I’m also thinking that being single might not be so bad after all…

    Liked by 1 person


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