My Current Worship Playlist [spring 2018 edition]

A while ago, I shared my worship playlist (aka: my go-to songs for worshiping with music), but that list has grown significantly.

So, today, I’m sharing another edition of my current worship playlist. (If you’re on Spotify, you can find the ever-growing playlist here.)

worship playlist 2018.jpg

Captain (yes, this is a repeat from last time, but it’s still high on the list)

Through waters uncharted,

My soul will embark,

I’ll follow Your voice straight into the dark.

Come Thou Fount (performed by Kings Kaleidoscope)

Jesus sought me when a stranger,

Wandering from the fold of God,

He, to rescue me from danger,

Interposed His precious blood.

The Secret Place

Where will you run, my soul?

Where will you go when wells run dry?

When the wind starts to blow,

How you gonna keep this flame alive?

Nailed to the Cross

When I stand before the throne at last,

His blood will plead my innocence,

I will worship Him with holy hands,

And raise the song that never ends,

Of Jesus Christ, my Righteousness.

Need You More

When I am lost, when I’m alone,

When my faith is almost gone,

You see my heart, You lead me home,

You give me courage to carry on.

Nothing Without You

Oh, God, peel back the layers of my heart,

I want communion,

I want fellowship,

I want to be You where You are…

Reckless Love

There’s no shadow You won’t light up,

No mountain You won’t climb up, coming after me,

There’s no wall You won’t kick down,

No lie You won’t tear down, coming after me.

Death Where Is Your Sting

From heaven’s highest place,

He took the fall,

And there was just one life,

Laid down for all.

Endless Alleluia

In the morning when I rise to meet You,

In the morning when I lift my eyes,

You’re the only One I want to cling to,

You’re the first thought on mind.

All Hail King Jesus

There on a cross they made for sinners,

For every curse His blood atoned,

One final breath and it was finished,

But not the end we could have known,

For the earth began to shake,

And the veil was torn,

One sacrifice was made,

As the heavens roared,

All hail King Jesus…

No Outsiders

I was tired, I was poor,

I was thrown upon Your shores,

I was hopeless and afraid,

Till I heard You call my name,

Now I’m ransomed, I’m restored,

Resurrected, I am Yours,

I am loved, yes, I belong,

Oh my soul has found its home.


I relent,

There is nothing for me here,

You can have it all,

This life is not my own,

You give life that is worth the loss of mine,

I surrender all I have to follow You.

Psalm 51 (Wisdom in the Secret Heart)

Wash me thoroughly,

And cleanse me from iniquity,

And teach me wisdom in the secret heart.

Psalm 46 (Lord of Hosts)

O come behold the works of God,

The nations at His feet,

He breaks the bow and bends the spear,

And tells the wars to cease,

O mighty One of Israel,

You are on our side,

We walk by faith in God who burns the chariots with fire.

Psalm 45 (Fairest of All)

He ransomed His bride,

On the day that He died,

Ascended to heaven in glory,

She stands clothed in white,

With her head lifted high,

Singing: “Come and return in Your glory.”

Psalm 139 (Far Too Wonderful)

Amazing love, how can it be?

Far too wonderful for me,

There’s only one thing left to say:

You are worthy.

Psalm 16 (Fullness of Joy)

Preserve me, oh God,

For I find rest in You alone,

I say to the Lord:

“You are my Lord,

I have no good apart from You.”

All the Poor and Powerless

And all will sing out,


And we will cry out,


Life Is Beautiful 

Painter of skies,

Maker of stars,

Holder of seas and all our hearts,

Artist of life,

Father of lights,

When I’m with You, my soul ignites.

The Love of God (performed by Sara Groves)

Could we with ink the ocean fill,

And were the skies of parchment made,

Were every tree on earth a quill,

And every man a scribe by trade,

To write the love of God above,

Would drain the ocean dry,

Nor could the scroll contain the whole,

Though stretched from sky to sky.

Abide with Me (performed by Sara Groves)

Thou on my head,

In early youth didst smile,

And though rebellious and perverse meanwhile,

Thou has not left me,

Though I oft left Thee,

On to the close, Lord,

Abide with me.

Simple Gospel

So I’m laying down,

All my religion,

I’m laying down,

I want to know You, Lord.

His Heart Beats

His heart beats,

His blood begins to flow,

Waking up what was dead a moment ago,

His heart beats,

Now everything has changed,

‘Cause the blood that brought us peace with God,

Is racing through His veins,

And His heart beats.

Is He Worthy?

Does the Father truly love us?

He does.

Does the Spirit move among us?

He does.

And does Jesus, our Messiah, hold forever those He loves?

He does.

Does our God intend to dwell again with us?

He does.

It Was Finished 

It was finished,

On that day,

Death was beaten,

All darkness was slain,

All His passion poured out,

Like the rain upon the earth.

And that’s all I’ve got for today, friends!

Which of these songs do you enjoy? What would you add to the list?

With love,


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My Worship Playlist

Happy Monday!

A little while ago, I talked a little about why I make music part of my personal devotions time, and some of you asked for some recommendations for songs to use for intentional, personal worship. Well, today I’m finally sharing the list of songs that currently comprises my personal worship playlist.

I’m including some of the lyrics to each song, and if you click on the song, it will take you to the best YouTube version (theoretically, a lyric video) I could find!


What a Beautiful Name.

“What a beautiful name it is,

Nothing compares to this,

What a beautiful name it is,

The name of Jesus.”

For the Cross.

“Then on that day, what seemed as the darkest hour,

A violent hope broke through and shook the ground,

And as You rose, oh the Light of all the world was magnified,

As You rose in victory.”

O Praise the Name.

“Then on third, at break of dawn,

The Son of heaven rose again,

O trampled death, where is your sting?

The angels roar for Christ the King.”

God, You Are My God.

“No praise can define You,

No thought can contain You, God,

No other one is holy,

No other one is robed in righteousness.”

Be Enthroned.

“And unto You, the slain and risen King,

We lift our voice with heaven singing,

Worthy are You Lord.”


“By Your Spirit I will rise from the ashes of defeat,

The resurrected King is resurrecting me,

In Your name I come alive to declare Your victory,

The resurrected King is resurrecting me.”


“Jesus, my Captain,

My soul’s trusted Lord,

All my allegiance is rightfully Yours.”

Boldly I Approach.

“Behold the bright and risen Son,

More beauty than this world has known,

I’m face to face with Love Himself,

His perfect spotless righteousness,

A thousand years, a thousand tongues, are not enough to sing His praise.”


“I come in simplicity, longing for purity,

To worship You in spirit and truth,

Only You.”

In the Garden.

“And He walks with me,

And He talks with me,

And He tells me I am His own,

And the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known.”

My Worth Is Not In What I Own.

“I rejoice in my Redeemer, 

Greatest Treasure, Wellspring of my soul,

I will trust in Him, no other,

My soul is satisfied in Him alone.”

Fall Afresh.

“Spirit of the living God, come fall afresh on me,

Come wake me from my sleep.”

Be Thou My Vision.

“Riches I heed not, nor man’s empty praise;

Thou my inheritance now and always.”


“I will not boast in riches,

I have no pride in gold,

But I will boast in Jesus,

And in His name alone.”

All I Have Is Christ.

“Oh Father, use my ransomed life,

In any way You choose,

And let my song forever be,

My only boast is You.”

Come Thou Fount.

“Oh to grace how great a debtor daily I’m constrained to be,

Let Thy goodness, like a fetter, bind my wandering heart to Thee.

O Come to the Altar.

“Oh what a Savior, isn’t He wonderful?

Sing alleluia, Christ is risen,

Bow down before Him, for He is Lord of all,

Sing alleluia, Christ is risen.”

Sweet Hour of Prayer.

“In seasons of distress and grief,

My soul has often found relief,

And oft escaped the tempter’s snare,

By thy return, sweet hour of prayer.”

Even If.

“You’ve been faithful, You’ve been good all my days,

Jesus, I will cling to You come what may,

‘Cause I know You’re able,

And I know You can.”

Do It Again.

“You made a way when there was no way,

And I believe I’ll see You do it again.”

It Is Well.

“Whatever my lot,

Thou hast taught me to say,

It is well,

It is well with my soul.”

Call Upon the Lord.

“Jesus’ name will break every stronghold,

Freedom is ours when we call His name.

Jesus’ name above every other,

All hail the power of Jesus’ name.”

You Love Me Anyway.

“See now, I was the man who yelled out from the crowd,

For Your blood to be spilt on this earth-shaken ground,

Yes, then I turned away with a smile on my face,

With this sin in my heart, tried to bury your grace,

And then alone in the night, I still called out for You,

So ashamed of my life, my life, my life,

But You love my anyway.”

Grace Unmeasured.

“Grace unending all my days,

You’ll give me strength to run this race,

And when my years on earth are through,

The praise will all belong to You.”

What Grace Is Mine.

“What grace is mine that He who dwells in endless light,

Called through the night to find my distant soul.

And from His scars poured mercy that would plead for me,

That I might live, and in His name be known.”

To Live Is Christ.

“My great desire is to be with You,

But this is the place You chose for me,

This is the place You chose for me,

To lift my cross and give everything,

This is the time You gave to me,

This is the time You gave to me,

For me to live is Christ.”

Have you heard of any of these songs? Do YOU have a personal worship playlist? Do you think you’ll start one? What do you think about including music in devotions?

With love,


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Why I Make Music a Part of My Devotions

In a previous post, I mentioned that I sing songs during my personal devotions, and this week is about why I’ve made music a part of my quiet time.


Music is a gift given to help us communicate deep thoughts and truths that we otherwise struggle to grasp or say, and music written for worship is a way to give God praise, to use our breath and our being to exalt the Most High. Songs are prayers set to melodies, outpourings of the human soul before the throne of the living God.

Music is beautiful.

I believe that music has power, and I believe that the Holy Spirit uses music to move and thaw hearts. He uses it to help me come close when my mind is scattered or my soul is raw with griefs or desires I can’t find words to express. He uses it to draw me into deeper love and wonder and humility and new understanding of the magnitude of what He’s done for me, how far I once was, how close I now am, and how much closer I can get to Him.

And when it comes to meeting with God alone, how can I not sing? How can I not give Him a joyful noise? When I’m able to go boldly before Him, how can I not use that boldness to give Him a freewill offering of praise?

I don’t think that quiet time with God is only about learning of the God Who knows no equal; quiet time with God is about coming to Him with intentionality and humility and prayer and praise with the purpose of glorifying Him.

Yes, devotions are about knowing Him as intimately as I can and taking what I know and living like I actually know it, but that isn’t all there is to it. The whole reason anything in all creation even exists is to glorify God, to give Him praise. Period. That’s it. And yes, my entire life is to be an act of worship, but when given the opportunity to lift my voice and glorify my matchless God one-on-One, when it’s just Him and me, why wouldn’t I take it?

I try to keep my music well-balanced with my prayer and study time, and I have found that beginning with some prayer and then a couple songs sets a tone of adoration for the entire time so that my heart is as engaged as my head.

How I use music depends on the day. Sometimes I grab my iPod and listen/listen and sing a few songs. Sometimes I simply pray the lyrics of a song. Sometimes I sing acapella. Sometimes I grab one of my ukuleles and play softly (though, sometimes I have trouble focusing on the words themselves and get too fixated on playing the song well, and so then I have to set my uke aside and sing without it).

I’ve made music a part of my devotions because I love to sing of my God, I love to sing to my God.

I’ve made music a part of my devotions because a few songs on Sunday just doesn’t cut it for me anymore.

I’ve made music a part of my devotions because I want to have a soulfire for God, and music about Him reminds me Who I’m burning for.

I’ve made music a part of my devotions because it helps me focus; it helps me turn my eyes upon Jesus and look full in His wonderful face.

I’ve made music a part of my devotions because I want to be consistent in my worship.

I’ve made music a part of my devotions because why not?

Let’s chat it up, peeps.

What do you think is the place of music in personal devotions? Do you think music has power? What songs draw you closer to God?

P.S. – Don’t I deserve some sort of award for keeping this post so short and sweet??? It’s not even 700 words! *collective gasp*