Glossary of Terms

It’s about time Penprints gets a glossary, don’t you think? (It doesn’t really matter because I think it, so it’s happening. ‘Tis the power of a blogger (and, no, I’m not a petty tyrant).)

glossary 2.jpg

WIP: Work-in-progress; my current writing project.

Beasts: my retelling of Beauty and the Beast; the fourth draft is sitting in a vault in a hole so deep that earth’s core is starting to melt the vault box somewhere.

An Idea: a white-hot spark of story fragment that’s growing into Something.

Editing: the spawn of lightning and death (wait, that’s Toothless, and he’s delightful) the part of writing where the Something is painfully, intentionally, ruthlessly carved into a Story.

False Gods: my YA Middle Eastern Fantasy; some of this story astonishes me; I think I might love it.

Flash Fiction: remarkably short stories (1000 or less) which I’m a little mad for.

This gif:

dream bigger 1

no explanation necessary

Fire: ignited matter that feeds off of oxygen and produces light, heat, and beauty; my muse.

The Oxford Comma: the little guy who should always (always.) come after the second item in a series of three (so help me).

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: only one of the most galvanizing movies to ever be made; one of my favorite movies.

Winter: the most glorious of the four seasons.

Copious, Long, and Confusing Parenthetical Statements: I have an affinity for the bit a grammar that goes like this: (-). And I also like nesting my parenthetical statements (sure, I could use commas (because one can never have too many commas, right?), but commas aren’t nearly as fun as parentheses (you know I’m right)).

Bullet Journal: the nigh magical system that has brought a measure of order to my chaos and spawned this post, this post, and then this post (notice the Oxford comma?)

The Necklace: my first published story!

Our Family: the incredibly hard-to-write-but-so-worth-it flash fiction that ended up being my second publication!

The Middle Distance: actually, I’ve never referenced The Middle Distance anywhere on this blog, but sometimes you just have to throw something in for The Lolz (aka: this entire post).

Tony Reinke: only one of the best nonfiction authors of my lifetime. Start with Lit! and then go for 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You; you can thank me later. (It’s later.)

Nadine Brandes/The Out of Time Series: lololololololol, if you’ve been around Penprints for more than two seconds, you know what this is. For those of you who’ve been here for less than 2 seconds, I shall briefly explain. Nadine Brandes is an incredible author, and The Out of Time Series is her equally incredible debut series. So now it’s been explained; go read it and thank me later. (It’s later.) Also, Fawkes.

TBR: the infamous To Be Read list of books that is ever-growing and only diminishing in increments of not at all.

And that’s it for now, kids.

With love,


P.S. – The Glossary is updated every few months.

9 thoughts on “Glossary of Terms

  1. I love nearly all of this, especially the cross-outs. However, perhaps I’m missing something, but I don’t really see what’s so special about the Walter Mitty movie. Cute movie, but not a classic in my book. Just another viewpoint. ;-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I have way too much fun writing cross-outs. xD *GASP GASP GASP* AUNT JUDE. It’s not just cute because it’s about the beauty of the ordinary and going on everyday adventures and doing work well. That’s what I think, at least. It always fills all of my creative, hopeful, adventurous wells. :)


    • Definitely “yes” to both. Watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty first and then make your TBR. ;) My TBR is on Goodreads and my bullet journal, otherwise, I can never remember all the books I want to read (which very well may be because of my goldfish memory, but shhhhhhhh).



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